TF HTAP Workshop on Hg Trends and Source Attribution – Agenda

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TF HTAP Workshop on Hg Trends and Source Attribution
Tuesday, 13 April 2021

timeSubject of the presentation
11:00UTCOverview of Ongoing Activities and
Discussion of Policy Relevant Questions
The first half of the meeting will include invited presentations discussing Hg research needs and opportunities from the perspective of a vareity of relevant policy forums and ongoing research efforts. This session will end with a discussion of the policy‐relevant science questions that can help guide future TF HTAP Hg activities.
12:55UTCAnalysis and source attribution of long‐term Hg pollution trends: Proposal for multi‐model study
The second half of the meeting will begin with the presentation of a proposal for a future multi-model study to address some of the anticipated policy-relevant questions. The remainder of the meeting will be divided into sessions of very short presentations (<5 min) and discussion of various aspects of the proposal and other potential future work.
13:15UTCDiscussion of Modeling Needs and Opportunities
13:45UTCDiscussion of Emissions Needs and Opportunities
14:15UTCDiscussion of Observational Needs and Opportunities
14:45UTCOrganizing Follow Up Activities

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