22-25 April Meeting Registration

Our annual Spring meeting will be held from April 22-25. The meeting will comprise three 4-hour online sessions, each scheduled for 12:00-16:00 UTC, structured as follows:

Monday, April 22: Overview of HTAP3 activities and other work plan elements

This day will consist of general updates from the Task Force, including an overview of the current work plan, and progress on individual work plan items:

  • The revisions to the Gothenburg Protocol under the Convention on Long-Range Transboundary Air Pollution
  • The HTAPv3 global mosaic emission inventory
  • Future emission scenarios from the GAINS model
  • Overview of the HTAP3 modeling experiments:
    • MCHgMAP model experiments on Mercury trends and source attribution
    • OPNS model experiments on Ozone, Particles, and the deposition of Nitrogen and Sulphur
    • Fires experiments on wildfires and agricultural burning
  • Development of Model Ensemble Emulators and Scenario Screening Tools
  • Linkages to Other Cooperative International Efforts

Tuesday, April 23: Planning of HTAP3-OPNS

On this day, we will begin the discussion to finalise the planning of the three workstreams of this exercise:

  • CTM perturbation experiments for source/receptor relationships and development of an ensemble emulator
  • Chemistry Climate Model simulations of future scenarios
  • Historical transient simulations

We will circulate an updated planning document in March to inform these discussions.

Wednesday, April 24: Continuation of the discussions on HTAP3-OPNS

Discussion will continue on this topic from the previous day. By the end of this session, we expect to have covered all open questions from the planning document and to have finalized the experimental specification for all three workstreams.

For participants interested in the HTAP3-OPNS work, we recommend registering for both the Tuesday and the Wednesday sessions.

Thursday, April 25: Planning of HTAP3-Fires

On this day we will finalise the planning of this exercise, based on the HTAP3 Fires White Paper.  For those interested in participating in the Fires experiments, we ask that you complete a short survey at: https://forms.gle/MWLbm3k44qTB2UNY7

Registration links

Please register for the sessions you wish to attend using the following links:

Monday April 22:

Tuesday April 23:      

Wednesday April 24:

Thursday April 25:   

Contributed presentations

While we anticipate that the sessions this year will primarily consist of invited presentations on Monday and open discussion on Tuesday – Thursday, we would like to consider setting aside time for contributions in the form of short “lightning-round” presentations.  For those interested in giving a very brief (< 5 min) presentation on recent or ongoing work that is relevant to the current TF HTAP activities, please send us a title and short abstract and we will consider this for inclusion in the programme. Please note that submitting an abstract does not guarantee that we will be able to provide a time slot for giving a presentation.

We look forward to seeing you in April,

Terry, Tim, Jacek, and Rosa

The TF HTAP Leadership Team