TF HTAP Spring Meeting Interest Surveys

As announced in our earlier post, our annual Spring meeting will be held from April 22-25. The meeting will comprise four 4-hour online sessions, each scheduled for 12:00-16:00 UTC, structured as follows:

  • Monday April 22: Overview of HTAP3 activities and other work plan elements
  • Tuesday April 23: Planning of HTAP3-OPNS (Ozone, Particles, Nitrogen, Sulfur)
  • Wednesday April 24: Continuation of the discussions on HTAP3-OPNS
  • Thursday April 25: Planning of HTAP3-Fires Experiments

Registration links for each session are provided at the end of this message.

HTAP3-OPNS Planning

In order to prepare for the discussions of HTAP3-OPNS on April 23 and 24, we have prepared a white paper which is available online here: We will structure the discussions of HTAP3-OPNS around the content of this document.

To help us gather as much information as possible in advance of the meeting, we also ask you to fill in this short online survey, available here:

The survey asks questions about your level of interest in participating in the experiments and analyses.  Responding positively now is not a commitment, but an expression of interest.  The survey will be available before, during, and after the meeting.  Responses provided by April 15 would be greatly appreciated so that we can summarize them and present the responses at the meeting.

HTAP3-Fires Planning

Similarly, we have prepared a white paper and survey regarding the HTAP3-Fires experiments, which will be the subject of discussion on April 25.  The while paper is available online here:

The interest survey is available here:

Registration links

Please register for the sessions you wish to attend using the following links:

Monday April 22:

Tuesday April 23:

Wednesday April 24:

Thursday April 25:

We look forward to seeing you in several weeks!

Terry, Tim, Jacek, and Rosa

The TF HTAP Leadership Team