TF HTAP Answers to Gothenburg Protocol Review Questions – AGENDA

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Subject of the presentation
13:00Introduction to the GP Review Process and role of TF HTAP
10Gothenburg Protocol Review Process and Role of TF HTAP
10Questions and Adjustments to the Agenda
13:20Topic 1: Contribution of Extra-Regional Sources to Observed
Trends in Air Quality, its Impacts, and Future Projections
5Topic Introduction
5Global Tropospheric Ozone Trends, Owen Cooper
35Additional Presentations and Discussion
14:05Topic 2: Projected Trends in Methane, Contribution to Ground-
Level Ozone, and Mitigation Potential
5Topic Introduction
5AMAP SLCP Report, Mark Flanner
35Additional Presentations and Discussion
15:05Topic 3: Projected Trends in International Shipping, Contribution to Ground-Level Ozone and N Deposition, and Mitigation Potential
5Topic Introduction
40Presentations and Discussion
15:50Topic 4: Sufficiency of Atmospheric Modeling for Understanding Hemispheric Transport and Requirements for Improving Our Understanding
5Topic Introduction
5Ozone Model Performance, Tim Butler
35Additional Presentations and Discussion
16:3525Closing Remarks and Next Steps
17:00Adjourn for the Day

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