Spring meetings online 18-21 April – presentations

Contributors to the Task Force on Hemispheric Transport of Air Pollution (TF HTAP)

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Tuesday, 18 April (12:00 UTC) Multipollutant Modeling of Fires:

Multi-Pollutant, Multi-Model Study of Fires

UTCSubject of the presentationPresenter
12:00Introduction – TF HTAP Meeting and Fire Session ObjectivesTerry Keating
12:15Introduction – IGAC BBurned Objectives and PlansCyndi Whaley
12:25Source/Receptor Relationships: Science Questions
and Experimental Designs
presentation and discussion
Rosa Wu
13:15Identifying Key Parameters or Uncertainties: Science Questions
and Experimental Designs
presentation and discussion
Terry Keating
14:25Available Observations and Model Evaluation
presentation and discussion
Jacek Kaminski
15:15Organization of Future Work
presentation and discussion
Cyndi Whaley
16:00Adjourn for the Day 

Wednesday, 19 April (11:00 UTC) Global Mercury Emissions and Modeling:

Global Mercury Emissions and Modeling

UTCSubject of the presentation
11:00Introduction and Objectives
11:10Overview of Minamata OESG Effort and Update from March Meeting
11:30Overview of Current Options Paper and Proposed Plan
11:50Priorities for Policy Relevant Science Questions to Inform the Minamata and LRTAP Conventions
12:20Potential Approaches for Addressing Priority Science Questions
– source attribution of contemporary and legacy Hg
– trend analysis
– sensitivity of Hg cycling to environmental/emission changes
12:50Revising the Schedule to Provide Modeling Results to the Minamata OESG
13:35Publishing the Options Paper
– What contents should be included in initial paper?
– What content needs to be added to working draft?
– Who will do what and by when?
14:35Next steps (including roles & responsibilities, other participants, etc.)
15:00Adjourn for the Day

Thursday, 20 April (12:00 UTC) Global Ozone Modeling and Source Apportionment:

Ozone, Methane, and Source Apportionment Methods

UTCSubject of the presentationPresenter
12:00Introduction and ObjectivesTim Butler
12:10Regional impacts of methane mitigationAugustin Colette
12:30Emissions Driven Methane SimulationsZofia Staniaszek
12:50Ozone source attribution: case study of international shippingTim Butler
13:10Local Fractions ApproachPeter Wind
13:30TOAR-II Global and Regional ModellingLee Murray
14:10TOAR-II statisticsKai-Lan Chang
14:30AQMEII ozone depositionOlivia Clifton
14:50Ozone source attribution with TM5-FASSTClaudio Belis
15:10Discussion: Treatment of methane and ozone deposition
in a multi-model study of ozone source-receptor relationships
16:00Adjourn for the Day 

Friday, 21 April (12:00 UTC) Policy Relevant Emission Scenarios and Multi-Model Experiments:

Scenarios, Impacts, and Future Work

UTCSubject of the presentationPresenter
12:00Introduction and ObjectivesTim Butler,
Till Spranger
12:20MMF-GTADJoshua Fu
12:40HTAPv3 Initial Application in Hemispheric CMAQJames East, Barron Henderson
13:00Latest IIASA/CIAM GAINS ScenariosZig Klimont
13:20MSC-W work using new Scenarios: effects of European emissions mitigationHilde Fagerli
13:40MSC-W work using new Scenarios: effects of non-European mitigation and global CH4 changesWillem van Caspel
14:20ICP-Veg work using MSC-W modellingFelicity Hayes
14:40CACTI: Looking forward to CMIP7Steven Turnock
15:00Ozone Emulation from HTAP1 and HTAP2Steven Turnock
Next steps for a multi-model study of future ozone scenarios

Thank you for your participation!

Terry, Tim, Jacek, and Rosa
The TF HTAP Leadership Team