Spring 2022 Meetings of the Task Force on Hemispheric Transport of Air Pollution AGENDA

Tuesday, 17 May: Global O3/PM Precursors Emissions (in cooperation with GEIA)

UTCSubject of the presentationPresenter
13:00Introduction and Meeting ObjectivesTim Butler
13:10LRTAP Forum on International Cooperation on Air Pollution (FICAP)Alison Davies
13:30Overview of HTAPv3 Global Emissions MosaicDiego Guizzardi, Monica Crippa
13:50Comparison of HTAPv3 to the Community Emissions Data SystemSteve Smith
14:10CAMS Global Emissions Status and PlansClaire Granier
14:40GEIA OverviewCathy Liousse
14:50MIX for MICS-Asia IVMeng Li
15:10AFE: GEIA Africa Working GroupSekou Keita
15:30EMISA: GEIA South American Working GroupNicolas Huneeus
15:50GEIA VOC Working GroupErika von Schneidemesser
16:10GEIA COVID-19 Working GroupMarc Guevara
16:40Next StepsTerry Keating
17:00Adjourn for the Day 

ZOOM: https://us02web.zoom.us/meeting/register/tZUtcuuvrjwjGNPrxVsCK4n4I6ZBEBHCCdMP

Wednesday, 18 May:  Global Mercury Emissions and Modeling       

UTCSubject of the presentationPresenter
11:00Introduction and Context SettingTerry Keating
11:20GOS4M Knowledge HubCharikleia Gournia
11:40EDGAR Global Mercury Emissions InventoryMarilena Muntean
12:00Mercury Emissions Inventory in ChinaQingru Wu
13:20Modelling future mercury emission control scenarios with GAINS: An updateFlora Brocza, Peter Rafaj
13:40A multi-compartment model for Hg: From atmospheric emissions to bio-accumulation and human exposureJohannes Bieser, Martin Ramacher
14:00Global mercury modeling to inform near-term and longer-term decision-makingNoelle Selin
14:20Global Hg Modeling and IntercomparisonAshu Dastoor
15:00Adjourn for the Day 

ZOOM: https://us02web.zoom.us/meeting/register/tZEvd-qgrz0uHNb3y9VpXMZMsYaHaACXvqEU

Thursday, 19 May: Global O3/PM Modeling and Scenarios                

UTCSubject of the presentationPresenter
13:00Introduction and ObjectivesTim Butler
13:10Results of Regional Methane Reduction SimulationsAugustin Colette
13:30Results of Dynamic Methane Reduction SimulationsGerd Folberth
13:50The attribution of PM2.5 and O3 levels in the UNECE to emission sources in- and outside the UNECE region, under present and future emission scenarios.Claudio Belis, Rita vanDingenen
14:10Air Pollution in Arctic: update and plans from the PACES initiativeKathy Law, Steve Arnold
14:30Impacts of ShippingJan Eiof Jonson
14:55Linkages to MICS-Asia, WMO MMF-GTADJoshua Fu
15:15O3 Deposition in Global and Regional ModelsOlivia Clifton
15:35TOAR-II Overview and DatabaseOwen Cooper
15:45O3 Deposition in TOAR-IILeiming Zhang
15:55TOAR-II Statistics Focus GroupKai-Lan Chang
16:15CCMI and TOAR-II Global and Regional Models Working GroupDavid Plummer
17:00Adjourn for the Day

ZOOM: https://us02web.zoom.us/meeting/register/tZwrceqvqjwjEtR-vJu0QqNOeoTOLv7SeDam

Wednesday, 25 May: Global Persistent Organic Pollutants and Chemicals of Emerging

UTCSubject of the presentationPresenter
11:00Introduction and ObjectivesTerry Keating
11:10Local Sources vs. Long Range Transport of Arctic ContaminationDerek Muir & Haley Hung
11:30Insights from Stockholm GMP: Substance Focus v. Process FocusTom Harner
 Emissions and Atmospheric Modeling of PAH and other substances 
11:50EDGARv6 Unintentional POPs EmissionsMarilena Muntean
12:10Spatial and temporal variabilty of BaP over Poland based on national high-resolution air quality modelling and observationsJoanna Struzewska
12:30Modeling North American PAH at the Urban to Regional ScaleRosa Wu, Elisabeth Galarneau
12:40PAHs from fuels and biomass burning: regional and global atmospheric transport perspectivesJianmin Ma
13:00DiscussionTerry Keating
 Sources and Multi-Media Modeling of PFAS and other substances 
13:25Long-range atmospheric transport of microplasticsDeonie Allen
13:45Modelling PFAS emissions to and transport in atmosphere and oceanJohannes Bieser, Martin Ramacher
14:05Nested multimedia fate and exposure modellingKnut Brevnik
14.20Atmospheric transport of PFOA emitted from a point sourceBo Sha
14:40DiscussionTerry Keating

ZOOM: https://us02web.zoom.us/meeting/register/tZcldeqtrTMrGNyPGUYiIgQXJjYjKsNMBUyx