Presentations from the HTAP meeting – April 2020

HTAP 2020 workshop summary

Wednesday, 22 April 2020

Introductions and Objectives

Welcome and Meeting ObjectivesTerry Keating
Heather Morrison
Policy-Relevant Questions from the LRTAP ConventionDominique Pritula
Ozone and Methane: Scenarios and Mitigation
Air Quality Implications of SSP ScenariosSteven Turnock
Methane Mitigation Options and ScenariosLena Hoglund
Methane Mitigation and Impact AnalysisRita vanDingenen
HTAPv3 Emissions Mosaic
Overview of Development PlanMonica Crippa
Tim Butler
Links to Ozone Observational Analyses
TOAROwen Cooper
Martin Schultz
MMF-GTADAmanda Cole

Thursday, 23 April 2020

Ozone and Methane: Emissions and Atmospheric Response

Methane Observations and Inverse Modeling of EmissionsMarielle Saunois
Past Assessments of Ozone Response to Methane MitigationOliver Wild
Ozone Response to Methane in AerChemMIPFiona O’Connor
CCAC Global Methane AssessmentDrew Shindell
Ozone Impacts on Vegetation
EMEP O3 Flux WorkDavid Simpson
ICP VegetationFelicity Hayes
ICP ForestsMarco Ferretti
SUSCAPLisa Emberson
Vegetation feedbacks during drought exacerbate
ozone air pollution extremes in Europe
Meiyun Lin

Friday, 24 April 2020

Ozone Impacts on Human Health

TOAR Health MetricsRuth Doherty
Global Exposure and Disease Burden EstimatesJason West
Links to Other Model Intercomparisons
How HTAP can build on … AerChemMIPBill Collins
…AQMEIIChristian Hogrefe
…MICS-AsiaJoshua Fu
…TFMMAugustin Colette
Ozone Tagging in CAM4-chemTim Butler

Thursday, 30 April 2020

Follow-up discusion

Virtual 2020 Meeting Wrap Up Session

HTAP 2020 workshop summary
Heather Morrison
Terry Keating
Tim Butler
Jacek Kaminski

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