Regional and Extra-regional Contribution to Hg and POPs/CEC meeting – presentations

TF HTAP Workshop on Hg Trends and Source Attribution
Tuesday, 13 April 2021

Subject of the presentationPresenter
Overview of Ongoing Activities and
Discussion of Policy Relevant Questions
Terry Keating
Current activities on effectiveness evaluation
under the Minamata Convention
Eisaku Toda
Policy-relevant questions for the HTAP activities on mercuryTerry Keating
Analysis and source attribution of long-term
Hg pollution trends: Proposal for multi-model assessment
Oleg Travnikov
Future projections and legacy emissionsNoelle E. Selin
A CTM emulator for seamless
policy scenario analysis
Francesco De Simone
Update of Atmospheric Mercury Emissions in ChinaShuxiao Wang
EDGAR: Global Anthropogenic Mercury EmissionsMarilena Muntean
2015 global mercury emissions
Geospatial distribution methods
Frits Steenhuisen
Scenarios of global anthropogenic Hg emissions
Peter Rafaj
Trends of Atmospheric
Franz Slemr
Monitoring Data from GMOS and GOS4MIan M. Hedgecock
Mercury observations in EMEPKjetil Tørseth
Follow UpTerry Keating

TF HTAP Workshop on POPs Trends and Source Attribution
Thursday, 15 April 2021

Subject of the presentationPresenter
Science Questions, Needs, and Opportunities Relevant to the LRTAP ConventionTerry Keating
Science Questions, Needs, and Opportunities Relevant to the Stockholm ConventionTom Harner and Ramon Guardans
Monitoring & Analysis of Abiotic TrendsHayley Hung
POPs emission and modelling scenarios
Jianmin Ma
EDGAR: Global Anthropogenic POPs EmissionsMarilena
Global Long-range Transport of POPs & Emerging Contaminants: Modeling & ProcessesPaul Bartlett and Alexey Gusev
Analysis and attribution of long-term POP pollution trends:
proposals for integrated approach activities
Alexey Gusev, Paul Bartlett, Jamie Kelly, Jianmin Ma

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