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Reviewing Q&As for Gothenburg Protocol

17 March 2021 @ 13:00 17:00

The March workshop will focus on supporting the process of reviewing the revised Gothenburg Protocol, which addresses O3, PM, and S and N deposition. As part of the review process, the Working Group on Strategies and Review (WGSR) has posed a series of questions to the technical bodies under the LRTAP Convention.  TF HTAP has been asked to contribute to the answers to six of those questions.  The questions and draft answers to be discussed at the workshop are posted here.    

We would like to promote interactive discussion during the workshop, but it will be also possible to contribute with short interventions of no more than a few slides each. Depending on the state of the discussion, we may welcome such presentations spontaneously during the meeting, but if you already feel that you could significantly contribute to the discussion through a short presentation, please let us know in advance so that we can plan the agenda accordingly. Please also let us know in advance if there are specific topics that you feel deserve special attention during the workshop so we can allocate sufficient time. We will collect your feedback until March 10, and we will provide an agenda for the workshop on March 15.

If you are unable to attend the workshop, we welcome your comments at any time during the review process. Contributions received by March 31 will help inform our first report to the Working Group on Strategies and Review.  Also, the questions and answers are being added to the “Answers to Policy-Relevant Questions” section of www.htap.org and will continue to be updated after the workshop.  We hope to continue to use this platform to refine our contributions to the Gothenburg Protocol review process as it continues into 2022.

TF HTAP Answers to Gothenburg Protocol Review Questions

link to the ZOOM meeting:



Subject of the presentation
13:00Introduction to the GP Review Process and role of TF HTAP
10Gothenburg Protocol Review Process and Role of TF HTAP
10Questions and Adjustments to the Agenda
13:20Topic 1: Contribution of Extra-Regional Sources to Observed
Trends in Air Quality, its Impacts, and Future Projections
5Topic Introduction
5Global Tropospheric Ozone Trends, Owen Cooper
35Additional Presentations and Discussion
14:05Topic 2: Projected Trends in Methane, Contribution to Ground-
Level Ozone, and Mitigation Potential
5Topic Introduction
5AMAP SLCP Report, Mark Flanner
35Additional Presentations and Discussion
15:05Topic 3: Projected Trends in International Shipping, Contribution to Ground-Level Ozone and N Deposition, and Mitigation Potential
5Topic Introduction
40Presentations and Discussion
15:50Topic 4: Sufficiency of Atmospheric Modeling for Understanding Hemispheric Transport and Requirements for Improving Our Understanding
5Topic Introduction
5Ozone Model Performance, Tim Butler
35Additional Presentations and Discussion
16:3525Closing Remarks and Next Steps
17:00Adjourn for the Day

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