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Regional and Extra-regional Contribution to POPs

15 April 2021 @ 11:00 15:00 UTC

The focus of the two April workshops will be on improving our ability to estimate the contribution of regional and extra-regional sources to long-term trends in Hg, POPs, and other chemicals of emerging concern.  In the workshops, we will:

  • Anticipate assessment needs of the LRTAP, Minamata, and Stockholm Conventions
  • Review progress made in other forums, including recent AMAP assessments. 
    • Identify cooperative activities that can be undertaken in the short term (2 years) and longer term (4-5 years) to improve our understanding and ability to estimate source contributions.

The 13 April workshop will focus on Hg, and the 15 April workshop will focus on POPs and other chemicals of emerging concern.

Follow up meetings will be scheduled to further organize cooperative activities identified in the workshops.


TF HTAP Workshop on POP’s Trends and Source Attribution
Thursday, 15 April 2021

Within the next 2-5 years, the LRTAP Convention is likely to conduct a review of the effectiveness and sufficiency of the POPs Protocol as revised in 2009. The purpose of this workshop is to begin to design cooperative research activities that will enable TF HTAP to better contribute to such a future review. Specifically, to help TF HTAP 1) better assess the regional and extra-regional contribution to long term trends in POPs and 2) identify additional issues or measures that might be addressed by the LRTAP Convention to protect the environment and human health. Recognizing that POPs and Chemicals of Emerging Concern are addressed in the Stockholm Convention and other regional bodies, including but not limited to the Arctic Council and the European Union, the future work of TF HTAP should be designed to both build upon the findings of recent efforts in other forums and provide useful information back to these other forums to the extent possible.

timeSubject of the presentationPresenter
Introduction and Policy Context
11:00UTCScience Questions, Needs, and Opportunities Relevant to the LRTAP ConventionTerry Keating
11:15UTCScience Questions, Needs, and Opportunities Relevant to the Stockholm ConventionTom Harner and Ramon Guardans
Taking Stock of Recent Work: Knowledge Gaps, Research Needs & Priorities
11:30Monitoring & Analysis of Abiotic TrendsHayley Hung
11:50UTCBiotic Trends and Food WebKatrin Vorkamp and Katrine Borga
12:10UTCEmissions and ScenariosShu Tao,
Jianmin Ma, and
Marilena Muntean
12:35UTCModelingTo Be Confirmed
12:50UTCChemicals of Emerging ConcernDerek Muir
Working Towards 2-Year and 5-Year Plans
13:20Analysis and source attribution of long-term POPs pollution trends: Proposal for integrated approach activities.Alexey Gusev
13:35Reflections from an AMAP PerspectiveSimon Wilson
13:40Discussion of Modeling, Emissions & Related Integrated Activities
14:45Discussion of Other Issues/Needs and Follow Up
The Zoom session will remain open for follow up discussions.

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