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Regional and Extra-regional Contribution to Hg

13 April 2021 @ 11:00 15:00 UTC

The focus of the two April workshops will be on improving our ability to estimate the contribution of regional and extra-regional sources to long-term trends in Hg, POPs, and other chemicals of emerging concern.  In the workshops, we will:

  • Anticipate assessment needs of the LRTAP, Minamata, and Stockholm Conventions
  • Review progress made in other forums, including recent AMAP assessments. 
    • Identify cooperative activities that can be undertaken in the short term (2 years) and longer term (4-5 years) to improve our understanding and ability to estimate source contributions.

The 13 April workshop will focus on Hg, and the 15 April workshop will focus on POPs and other chemicals of emerging concern.

Follow up meetings will be scheduled to further organize cooperative activities identified in the workshops.


TF HTAP Workshop on Hg Trends and Source Attribution
Tuesday, 13 April 2021

timeSubject of the presentation
11:00UTCOverview of Ongoing Activities and
Discussion of Policy Relevant Questions
The first half of the meeting will include invited presentations discussing Hg research needs and opportunities from the perspective of a vareity of relevant policy forums and ongoing research efforts. This session will end with a discussion of the policy‐relevant science questions that can help guide future TF HTAP Hg activities.
12:55UTCAnalysis and source attribution of long‐term Hg pollution trends: Proposal for multi‐model study
The second half of the meeting will begin with the presentation of a proposal for a future multi-model study to address some of the anticipated policy-relevant questions. The remainder of the meeting will be divided into sessions of very short presentations (<5 min) and discussion of various aspects of the proposal and other potential future work.
13:15UTCDiscussion of Modeling Needs and Opportunities
13:45UTCDiscussion of Emissions Needs and Opportunities
14:15UTCDiscussion of Observational Needs and Opportunities
14:45UTCOrganizing Follow Up Activities

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